Mr and Mrs Selby created their private foundation in 1955. They were interested in long-lasting endeavors that were well regarded and made a positive impact in the community. Over 2,518 grants have been made to 359 organizations...
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION:   Administration of this Foundation has moved to Wachovia. Please contact Joan Greenwood at Wachovia on 941-361-5803 or email her.

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Mr. Posey was an accomplished sculptor with a representational style. Mrs. Posey was also an artist. Mr. Posey established this foundation to provide graduate assistance for art students with a major in either painting or sculpture of the traditional kind. Since 1986, scholarships have been awarded for students studying at the master‘s level.

Average # of Grants:  3
Average Grant Size:  $4,500
Application Deadline:  March 1st
Notification Date:  April 15th

Scholarships for the Academic Year 2008-2009:

Scholar and School

Amount $

Ms. Teresa Oaxaca and Angel Academy of Art


Ms. Maya Brodsky and New York Academy of Art $4,500
Mr. Fereidoun Ghaffari and New York Acacemy of Art $4,500

Total Scholarships



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