In response to COVID-19, the Selby Foundation is:

    • Accepting grant requests for IT and capital improvement projects related to COVID-19 (see the Grant Application page for additional details).

    • Meeting the emergency needs of individuals through Seasons of Sharing.

    • Expanding and increasing organizational capacity for emergency food needs.

The History

Marie Selby

In 1955, Sarasota residents Bill and Marie Selby made a decision that continues to shape our region to this day.  As the couple considered who would inherit their amassed fortune, they had a radical idea of leaving the entire sum to their beloved community of Sarasota and established the William G. and Marie Selby Foundation.  While family foundations are relatively common today, they were among the first in Southwest Florida further cementing their reputation as a forward-thinking couple.  

The Selbys are remembered to this day for their humility, humanity, social responsibility, and opportunities they provided to so many. 

The Foundation strives to uphold the values and intent of Bill and Marie Selby,  and are committed to carrying on their vision in perpetuity as stated in the Selby Declaration of Donor Intent.

William G. (Bill) Selby


The Selby Foundation specializes in supporting local area non-profits with capital grants. Capital grants support the construction, acquisition and/or renovation of facilities, as well as the purchase of equipment or software. They may also include the costs of related technical services (legal, architectural, engineering, etc).   Non-profit organizations are required to be primary located in the Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee or Sarasota Counties.


The  Selbys were very interested in helping local students with limited financial means pursue a higher education, with the goal of not only achieving a meaningful career, but also of helping their community. Today, “Selby Scholars” are undergraduate students with exceptional potential who embrace the Selby’s values of leadership and service.   These awards are renewable, with certain requirements, for the four years the student is enrolled full-time at an accredited college or university.  

William G. and Marie Selby Foundation

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