Grant Application

Account Setup / Beginning an Application

New or Returning Grantees

A new grant management system was implemented in the Spring of 2019. If you are a new grantee or have not applied since the Fall of 2018, you must create an account in this new system. Accounts cannot be created or access until the cycle opens on either December 1 or June 1.

Creating a New Account/Starting a new application

Click on the link below "New Account/New Application." This will direct you to the introduction page where you will click on "New Applicant" and a screen will appear where you will enter your email address and a password. The next page is an eligibility quiz regarding your organization. Please read the questions carefully and answer accordingly. Once you pass the eligibility quiz, the grant application will be displayed. The application requests information regarding: your organization/board, important contacts, various questions regarding the project along with financial details, and documentation (Form 990, budget, bids, etc.) that must be attached.

Resuming/Submitting an Ongoing Application

For resuming/submitting your grant application, click on the "Resuming/Submitting an Application" button. Important: If you have completed the initial setup, do not click on the Creating a New Account/Starting a New Grant Application button as this will start another new application - use the Resuming/Submitting a Grant Application button. We suggest bookmarking this link.


There are two grant cycles each year:
- The spring cycle opens on December 1 and closes on February 1 at 3:59 p.m. The Selby Foundation Board meets in mid-April to discuss and award grants.
- The fall cycle opens on June 1 and closes on August 1 at 3:59 p.m. The Selby Foundation Board meets in mid-November to discuss and award grants.
Important Notes:
- The above dates/times are firm and the system automatically locks at 4 p.m. on each closing day and no additional information can be submitted .
- Board members are not to be solicited.


Please contact Diane Ballinger at 941-957-0442 or with any questions or problems you may be encountering.